January 3, 2018

Power Disruption in Alotau

The Gurney Airport and the Giligili Prison in Alotau, Milne Bay province have been facing power issues for the past two days following a massive damage caused to a power pole.
According to PNG Power Ltd, the power pole carrying the transmission line connecting to these areas was damaged after a vehicle ran into the pole on New Year’s Day on Monday. The damage done was big resulting in power workers having to put up a new pole and run the lines again.
Fortunately, Gurney Airport has a standby generator that is running and providing power to continue its operation with flights coming in and going out of the province and to the other parts of the province as well.
The power situation should be fixed by this afternoon said a spokesperson from the power company. The power workers will have to test the lines before giving the go ahead for electricity to resume along this particular transmission line.