January 3, 2018

Bogia MP committed to improve health services

The Parliament Member for Bogia, has committed to improving health services in his district.

Robert Naguri has began the process with an initial commitment of K300,000 towards the maintenance of the Bogia health centre.

The money is a counter-part funding to a K200,000 committed by Madang Governor Peter Yama last month.

Mr Naguri revealed that health center building is ridden with termites, and the district has engaged a pest control company to fumigate the entire building before reconstruction can take place.

Mr Naguri also revealed that plans are already in place for a police barracks near the district headquarter and work is expected to begin soon.

NBC News - Anisah Issimel (Madang)
Photos: (inside Bogia Health Centre, District HQ and MP Naguri returning from a visit to Manam Island during Christmas 2017)