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Enga Provincial Government passes 2018 provincial budget

Smith Lambin reports/ Wabag

The Enga provincial Assembly successfully passed the 2018 budget of K353, 845,900.00 today.

The Assembly Chairman Grand Chief Sir Peter Ipatas said out the total Budget of K91, 145,0900 will come from Internal Revenue and and K241, 700,000.00 will come from Nation Government budget.

He told the Assembly members that this huge amount of funded budgeted this year is on assumption or a estimated budget. Our province receives this total amount budgeted this year, we will continue to complete our ongoing projects otherwise. He told the members that we have to work together as usual to develop our province.

The Assembly members, priority area to pump more funds is on Law and Order problems. Other development sectors were funded less while compared to previous budgets.

Additionally, the Assembly cut down on provincial government school fee subsidies. The Assembly passed its resolution not to subsidise tertiary institutions and urge parents pay K300.00 fees of students attending high schools and secondary schools.

The decision was made to provide quality education in the province. The Assembly further passed a resolution that, a lot of funds were missed as students took advantage of the free education policy and failed to concentrate on their studies. As such a lot of students failed and public funds were wasted. Hence, the Assembly urged parents to meet their kids fees.

Further more, among the Assembly members were Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation and member for Kandep Alfred Manase and Hon. Member for Laigaip Porgwea Tomait Kapil were also present to pass the Bill.

The Hon. Minister for Civil Aviation Alfred Manase, also told the Assembly that Wapenamanda airport will be upgraded this year.

He told the Assembly that he had secured a funding of K20m to upgrade the airport and will be put on tender this March.

He further stated that K38m is on plan to expand the airport in 2019. He further stated that, 4 - 5 rural airstrips in the province will be funded by National government.

National Government allocated K300,000.00 each. He concluded by an appeal to the people of Enga to do away with free hand out and change their mindset to adapt to a changing environment.

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