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Call for EHP Governor Numu to stop Gambling

The high-low gambling game is popping up again in Goroka town in the Eastern Highlands Province after it was declared illegal and banned in the province and highlands region several years ago.

This has prompted a concerned leader from Ungai-Bena district to call on provincial governor Peter Numu to step in and remove the outlets operating this illegal gambling game in Goroka and other district centres in the province.

The leader, Danny Kennea from Makia village in the lower Bena LLG, said people are now wasting their time and money on this illegal game which he said is affecting many ordinary people in the province.

“I call on Governor Peter Numu and urge him to immediately remove the illegal operation of high low-games in the province for the good of the people,’’ Mr Kennea.

“Many people waste their time and money in the hope of making some fast money but they do not realize that they are the losers at the end of the day.”

The Post-Courier visited a known venue for high-low game in Goroka town yesterday and witnessed mothers, fathers and young people taking part in the high-low game openly and without fear of the law.

The outlets in Goroka town that operate the high-low game are mostly operated by persons of Asian origins, according to Kennea. Post Courier/ ONE PNG
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