May 10, 2016

Koiari Landowners threaten pulling plug on city power and water supply

Lower Koiari landowners outside Port Moresby are threatening to pull the plug on water and power supply into the capital city, if their inquiry into a 10-million Kina outstanding payout to them is not answered favourably.
The landowners are demanding the Government's Chief Secretary, Isaac Lupari, to look into whereabouts of the money that was reportedly parked in a National Court Trust Account, following a dispute in 2015.
The group says, the 10-million Kina is part of a 20-million Kina that was paid to the Sirinumu Development Company Limited, half of which was paid to the Upper Koiari people.
The lower Koiaris comprise three clans of Omani, Narimi and Behori, and own the land that hosts the Rouna water treatment plant 1, 2 and 3.
A spokesman for the group says, they will carry out their threat if they are not attended to within seven days.