May 9, 2016

Vision City to host trade expo

 THE Vision City mega mall in Port Moresby will be staging a trade expo to provide an opportunity for businesses to display their products and services, general manager Anderson Ting says.

It will be held from June 27 to July 3. 
“Our main aim is to provide a window of opportunity for overseas and local entrepreneurs or business houses to showcase their business, products and services,” he said.
“It is not easy to obtain trading space inside Vision City. 
“The new management and leasing committee are constantly scrutinising every new application and store concept so the people’s Mega Mall can remain unique that every nationals are proud of. 
“The trade expo was initially intended to be a purely electronic trade expo but we changed into a generic trade expo due to great demand from the non-electronic industry. 
“This will be a committed yearly venture. We will be hosting an Education Expo, IT and Electronic Trade Fair and perhaps even a Property Expo.”
Ting said the expo also aimed to draw foreign investment. 
“As Vision City has a huge volume of traffic footfall, it is therefore a not-to-be-missed opportunity for serious product launching especially foreign investors who are caught in between a yes or no into investing in this country,” he said. 
“This is the time they can get to experience the culture, to sample the domestic economic vibes and also to grow their network with local entrepreneurs.
“For every venture capitalist, market study is crucial but feeling the movement of the market at the fingertip personally must not be overlooked.”