May 12, 2016

PM O'Neill to attend combined Haus Krai

PM Peter O'Neill will be among Hela parliamentary leaders this Saturday for a combined haus krai at the Andaija oval in Tari.
It was revealed yesterday he couldn't make it to Tari today due to urgent commitments and had to return to POM after the casket arrived in Mendi for viewing at the Momei oval.
The casket will be escorted by the PM and Hela leaders after the combined haus krai in Tari for its visits to the districts begining in Magarima, Komo, Koroba & Kopiago.
Chairman Philip Undiala said 3 locations within the districts have been idendified to host major haus krais which have been sponsored by business houses in those areas.
However several other smaller hauskrais have been set up between Tari and Mendi where the people have been mourning the loss of their late governor Anderson Agiru. PNGFM / ONEPNG