January 16, 2016

New Head Bishop for Evangelical Lutheran Church of Papua New Guinea

The Evangelical Lutheran Church of PNG has a new head Bishop.
Reverend Jack Urame from Goroka District was voted in today, as the 30th synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church held in Heldsbach in Finchhafen Morobe comes to a close.
Reverend Urame replaces outgoing Head Bishop Giegere Wenge.
An exhaustive voting system by 510 delegates from the 17 church districts took place resulting in the outcome.
Lucas Kidabing from Yabim District was voted in as Assistant Bishop replacing Reverend Zao Rapa and General Secretary Albert Toakave was replaced by Bernard Kaisom from Karkar district.
This is also historical as its the first time a non-Morobean will occupy the post, as Bishop Urame hails from Sinasina in Simbu.
Many Lutherans welcomed the election results and describe it as the changing of the old guards with neutral persons voted in.
A formal handover ceremony will take place in March.