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Police robbed off K10,700 from businessman

 Police do not show pride in the uniform  they wear . Abuse of  vehicles bought with taxpayers money is prevalent.
Drinking in full uniform while on duty as shown in the photo here is also common and unbecoming of  officers who
uphold and implement the country's laws. 

Another foreign businessman by the name of PAUL LEACH has told  PNGFM that he was robbed off K10, 700 allegedly by police officers who took the money from his vehicle.

Mr Leach who runs a solar installations company said the incident took place on the 23rd of December when he was returning from Central Province following installation of solar panels and he was stopped by a police patrol and told to accompany them to Doa Police Station.

 He was then asked to pay K50 and then released but he was then stopped by 6mile police and asked to go to the station there. Leach alleges that his driver was belted up by the officers and his vehicle was ransacked and the money taken.

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