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Cabinet Minister exposes actions of PNG officials at Paris Climate change conference

Pundari disappointed with officials' conduct at Paris
A Papua New Guinea cabinet  Minister and a senior public servant have condemned the conduct of some members of the Government delegation to the recent climate change conference in Paris – particularly their attendance, The National reports.

Papua New Guinea 's Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister John Pundari told the newspaper that he was disappointed that even his fellow ministers who were part of the Government delegation quickly disappeared.

Acting executive director for Office of Climate Change and Development Joe Pokana agreed that the members of the Government delegation should have stayed back longer.
Pundari said: “Getting airline tickets and allowances to attend international meetings, and to show up for a day or two, then spend (the rest of the time) in other places is corruption at its best, and must never be encouraged.
“During the two weeks, we had State ministers – in particular National Planning and Forestry – who attended with a big number of delegates, then left.”
He said they failed to finish what they were supposed to do – represent the interests of the people of PNG.
“It wasn’t good enough and very discouraging for the delegation that went to Paris,” Pundari said. 
“If it is not within the perimeters of their responsibility, do not attempt to get out to such conferences because you are doing injustice not only to yourself but to the country as a whole.
“If you did not complete the meetings, you don’t come and open your mouth here and make up big stories. 
“We have only one Prime Minister who spoke for every agencies of Government and each agency has their own minister who can speak for themselves.” 
Pundari said he was glad to have stayed with the younger public servants led by Pokana.
“We were able to deliver the last statements at the final plenary of the United Nations,” he said.
“We made our statements and we thanked the conference president as a satisfied country. 
“Let us do the right thing. If you are getting allowance to attend the Paris meet, there was no need for you to spend it up all in Singapore.”
Pokana said only Pundari stayed back with the technical team from OCCD. “We delivered strong statements to the president of COP 21 on the last night and achieved what we have been fighting for,” he said.
“All our issues were captured in the Paris Agreement with the REDD+ as a stand-alone text in the agreement.”
Prime Minister Peter O’Neill had recently congratulated the country’s negotiation team who represented the national and regional interest.

The National/ ONE PNG
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