November 22, 2015

Push Port Moresby city harbour as tourist drawcard: Lever

PORT Moresby has a fantastic harbour that could be developed to put Papua New Guinea on the world map just like Australia’s Sydney Harbour Bridge, Chennai, a city in Tamil Nadu on the Bay of Bengal, or Hong Kong, an architect says.
Jonathan Lever, managing director of Architect Design Group Papua New Guinea Ltd and the winner of Port Moresby’s 2015 Fairfax Harbour design idea competition, said in the current harbour development, commercial interests took precedence over public interest.
 “That is the obstacle that responsible authorities need to address so that this fantastic harbour could be developed into a world standard harbour that can put PNG on the world map and become a tourist destination” he said.
 “It will not only be a tourist destination but a harbour that captures the interest of everyone for people at all levels, including the high class, medium and low class to afford and enjoy.”
Lever said the current trend of harbour development and other developments in the commercial interest took precedence over public interest.