Men beat up boy for not paying public toilet fee

A 12-YEAR-OLD boy was badly beaten in the city of Mt Hagen in Papua New Guinea last week by a group of men when he did not pay for using a public toilet.
The boy from Moge Nambuga clan, near Rabiamul Catholic church on the outskirts of the city was assaulted by the toilet keepers last Sunday after they searched his pockets and found no money to pay for using the toilet.
His father, Micheal Wamp told the National that his son could not hear properly after the assault.
Wamp said that the pit toilet keepers fled when he and other tribesmen went to the scene on the same day and saw other youths hanging around.
“When we come across one of them, we will give them the same treatment. Who authorised them to dig a pit toilet in the middle of the city and charge people?” he asked.
Wamp, who is the son of a late paramount chief of Moge tribe Sir Wamp Wan, urged city authority, Governor Paias Wingti and local MP and Minister for Transport and Infrastructure William Duma to build public toilets in the city.
He said the two old public toilets were taken over by landowners and converted into trade stores.
He said the old public toilet at Hagen Kofi was closed down five months ago and the youths took advantage of the situation by digging pit toilets and charged people who used them.
“Mt Hagen is the third city in the country and everyday, more than 50,000 people travel to the city to do business or go to the market but there is no toilet to relieve themselves,” he said.
Wamp said that it was a big disgrace for the leaders to turn a blind eye to this one important, public toilet.
“Where do you expect people who come to the city to relieve themselves?”
Expressing disappointment city manager Pious Pim said the city authority had funds but did not have land available in the city to build public toilets. He called on the provincial land authority to help find land that they could build toilets.


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