November 23, 2015

Out going Electoral Commisioner hands over officer

Outgoing and Former Electoral Commissioner Andrew Trawen formally handed over the office of Electoral Commission to the new Electoral Commissioner Mr Patilias Gamato in a small ceremony witnessed by representatives from the Australian High Commission, Australian Electoral Commission IFES held at the Electoral Commission Head Office in Hohola this morning.
Mr Trawen welcomed Mr Patilias stating that the New Electoral Commissioner is no stranger to the running of Elections as he has worked with Mr Patilias during the last general elections and that he has also been on the board of Elections in Morobe.
His biggest advise to Mr Patilias was to work closely with the Electoral Commission staff doing this will lead to a lot of success
The New Electoral Commissioner thanked Mr Trawen and stated that he was excited to take on the job and his immediate task was to pre cleanse in Madang which starts tomorrow afternoon and that the Ijivitari Elections should be returned when he returns at the End of the week.