November 23, 2015

PNG Defence Force sink Indonesian Fishing Vessel

AN Indonesian fishing vessel has been sunk by members of the Defence Force  ordnance disposal unit following a request by the National Fisheries Authority.
NFA executive manager Gisa Komangin told The National the fishing boat, found fishing illegally in PNG waters, was forfeited by the court in 2013 and kept in the custody of the authority.
“We put it up for on tender for people to buy it but nobody expressed any interest. So we had to sink it,” he said.
It was sunk at sea just outside the Lancron Navy Base in Port Moresby on Sunday. 
Komangin said the NFA was seriously addressing illegal fishing in the country.
“We are warning the general public and mostly illegal fishing boats that when you try to hide what you do, you have to be very careful because when the law catches up with you, you might experience some problems,” he said.
Komangin said NFA had to ask the National Maritime Safety Authority to find a spot where to sink the boat. 
“It took us a very long time to organise the bombing of the boat,” he said.
“So we involved the Exclusive Ordnance Disposal unit of the PNG Defence Force to do it on our behalf.” The National/ONE PNG