Explosives found on board Vietnamese Fishing vessel

National Fisheries Authority and Defence Force personnel’s have found some explosive devices on board the Vietnamese Fishing Vessel which is currently docked in Wewak East Sepik Province.
According to Wewak Police Station Commander, Inspector James Baugen, NFA & PNGDF personnel’s searched the vessel and have come across these explosive devices of which they have now stopped locals who use sea transport not to go near the vessel when commuting on their sea route.
"Explosive Experts from PNGDF will be flown into the province in the coming days to examine the devices and do assessment report on it before letting relevant authorities know what to do with the vessel and the crew of the vessel," said Inspector Baugen.
"This is a threat to our National Security and those Vietnamese fishermen should be arrested and detained for illegally entering our country and bringing in foreign devices and equipments that will cause harm and danger to our people," he said.
Furthermore, the 14 Vietnamese Fishermen that were detained on board their fishing vessel when they illegally entered waters of PNG have been flown into Port Moresby on Thursday this week by Immigration Officials for further interrogation.
Inspector Baugen said that police were about to charge the men for illegal entry but immigrations officials have taken over the case and flew the 14 men to Port Moresby to further interrogate them and decide on what next to do with them.
"The police and defence personnel’s in Wewak are now manning the fishing vessel and only await the report from immigration on what to do with the vessel whether to destroy it or have it detained and locked down," said Inspector Baugen.
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