Australia supports combating violence against women and children in PNG

Acting Australian High Commissioner Bronte Moules said today during the closing of the Equal Playing Field program at Ted Diro Primary school that the Australian High Commission is in support of combating violence of any form against anyone especially women and children in Papua New Guinea.
Acting Commissioner Moules said the High Commission is always ready to work alongside initiatives from groups and organizations like Equal Playing Field to tackle the issue of violence and abuse in every community. She said research has shown that 2 out of every 3 people in PNG has faced one or more form of violence at least once in their lifetime and such statistic is not good. .
She said the Australian Government through the Aus Aid Program is funding initiatives to empower and strengthen those victimized by violence and helping them to be equal partners in their respective communities such as through the Equal Playing field organization. She added that the High Commission is working closely with Port Moresby General Hospital to build a family rehabilitation centre.
She says the High Commission is happy to support and fund programs to tackle violence and abuse but it is up to the people who are in charge of the initiatives and those taking part to fully carry out these programs and make use of the avenues provided to for support
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