Polye calls for immediate end to clashes among Disciplinary Forces

PORT MORESBY: The Opposition has condemned the behavior of factions of the police force and PNGDF personal involved in the ongoing clashes in the Nation’s capital.
Its leader Don Polye said both the so-called disciplinary forces must be seen to be behaving in an orderly manner to protect lives and properties.
Mr Polye said the factions of the two forces instead behaved in an unprofessional manner, bringing disruption to business operations and normalcy in parts of the city.
“Business houses have closed down and normalcy in parts of the city have been disrupted because of the behavior of these so-called disciplinary forces,” said Mr Polye.
“I am calling on the hierarchy of the two forces to immediately step in to defuse the situation,” said Mr Polye.
The Opposition leader also called on Prime Minister and his Police Minister to immediately step in to defuse the situation before it escalates.
“I believe both the police commissioner and the commander of the PNGDF are gradually losing control of their respective forces.
“The on-going clashes among the disciplinary forces are signs and symptoms of ill-discipline and insubordination among the disciplinary forces,” Mr Polye said.
Mr Polye said such behavior was uncalled for as it brings bag image to the city and the country especially at a time when preparations are underway to host the 2018 APEC meeting.
“We have a Prime Minister who is out there in the international arena boasting of our ability to host APEC meeting without even ensuring that all is well at the domestic front to host the important event in the world calendar,” said Mr Polye.
Mr Polye called on O’Neill to get his acts together and manage the affairs of the nation well, adding that ill-discipline among the forces and signs and symptoms of a country NOT being managed well.
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