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Youth unemployment statistics in PNG not clear

There is not much statistics available to establish just exactly the number of youths unemployed plus the issues affecting them in getting jobs.
This was revealed by the Deputy Director of the Institute of National Affairs (INA), Marjorie Andrew at the first day of the Entrepreneurial Youth Summit held at Port Moresby today.
According the available research at hand, Ms Andrews said most unemployment issue are at urban areas and only 2% of youths find formal employment and the issues affecting their employment a varied depending on the situation each young person is in.
She added that in order to know the true status and really address this matter, more research must be done by authorities or agencies responsible in the area.
However, there is a step forward in this case now with the government commitment to address this and the good thing about it is there is already a National Youth Employment Framework in place to address this particular youth issue.
Meantime, the Member for Mul Baier, Koi Trape raised the concern that more young Papua New Guineans should run or be engaged in some sort of business activities.
Mr. Trape, a business man himself, said its time the young people get into the business mode of things instead of just standing aside and letting foreigners take over the business sector, especially the SME and informal business sectors.
“However, in order to achieve this government has to really come up with good polices to enable not only self employment, but enable also more employment for local people,” the Member said.
Pictured is Mul Beier MP Koi Trape and INAá Marjorie Andrew speaking during the summit as the Youths listens.

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