CMSFHP Staff Assists and Saves Snakebite Victim

The refurbished Aiambak Aid Post along the Fly River in the Middle Fly District of Western Province has seen its fair share of emergency cases since reopening its doors again this year.
Just last month in August,Primary Health Care Officers from the Community Mine Continuation Agreement – Middle and South Fly Health Program (CMSFHP) were on attachment at the aid post and were able to assist in saving a man’s life after he was bitten by a venomous snake.
Joel Petau and Liman Kerenga were on attachment at the aid post, together with staff from Obo and Bosset health centers and Rumginae Hospital, when the patient was brought in.
The man was from Wangawanga, a village that is close by to the aid post, and claimed to be bitten by a Death Adder, which is one of the most venomous snakes in the world.
The patient was quickly assessed and after confirmations of the snake bite, the health officers applied first aid for snake bites.
Mr. Petau reported that the closest anti-venom was available at Obo Health Centre, which is about an hour’s boat ride down the Fly River.
The health officers made arrangements for the patient to be transferred using the CMSFHP dinghy, and the officer in charge at Obo Health Centre, Gideon Lois, was informed and prepared an anti-venom for a Death Adder bite.
Mr. Kerenga accompanied the victim on the dinghy ride down to Obo Health Center.Upon arrival an anti-venom was administered to the patient and he was admitted to the emergency ward.
A week later the man made a full recovery and was discharged. He thanked the CMSFHP staff at the reopened Aiambak Aid Post saying “If it wasn’t open I would have lost my life from a snake bite.”
He also extended his gratitude to the health staff from Obo and Bosset who have been attached to the aid post, and also CMSFHP for refurbishing the aid post and building a new staff house.
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