Prime Minister Peter O'Neill denies allegations of plans to remove Deputy Chief Justice

Prime Minister Peter O'Neill has described as nonsense, allegations the Government is moving to suspend Deputy Chief Justice, Sir Gibbs Salika.
He was responding to questions in Parliament this morning by the Governor of East Sepik, Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare.
Sir Michael asked the Prime Minister to confirm or deny that the Government is preparing papers to suspend Sir Gibbs from office.
The Grand Chief asked if this is part of Mr. O'Neill's ongoing crusade to remove all officials involved in fighting corruption in the country.
However, Prime Minister O'Neill brushed aside the allegations saying the National Executive Council has no power to appoint or suspend judges - that power lies with the Judicial Appointments Committee.
The committee is headed by the Attorney General and the Chief Justice sits as a member.
Mr. O'Neill says, he is not aware of such nonsense.
"It is absolute nonsense that there's any suggestion of the Deputy Chief Justice being suspended or side-lined. We value his contribution to the judiciary, we value his contribution to the bench and Mr. Speaker I think he ought to be supported in the work that he is doing. Let judges, let judges and individuals do their work individually in a professional manner that they deserve to do, Mr. Speaker.
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