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The Madang Provincial Disaster confirmed that the Manam volcano erupted at 11am this morning but remains moderate and is temporary blowing out black smoke and dust.
Disaster Director Rudolf Mongali said there were no deaths have been reported except for a young boy who injured himself while running with panic after it erupted.
Mr Monagli said there are three steps involved in evacuating people when a disaster occurs but right now an evacuation could not take place and that time, because people were still in shock.
Meanwhile, Mr Mongali is calling on the Madang Provincial Administration and the National Government to look at the Bill on Manam Resettlement
The Department of Mineral Policy and Geohazards Management stated that the details of the eruption and likely impacts on the island are also still unclear due to the lack of information from the island.
Reports from Bogia indicates fine ash began to fall over Bogia around 12:45pm and by 1pm today the area appeared slightly dark, possibly due to increased ash blown over the area. PNGFM

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