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Lae Adventist School crowned winners of 2015 BSP School Kriket Blast

Lae Adventist Primary School was crowned champions of term one BSP School Kriket Blast competition after winning in three divisions of the competition last Thursday.
The school fielded teams in all four divisions of the competition which saw Lae Adventist Primary School, Lanakapi Primary School, Taraka Primary School, Igam Primary School and Tent City Primary School all participate.
The competition for this year started in NCD whilst other centres like Lae have also rolled out theirs in an exciting new format of the game that showcases some of the best junior talent in PNG.
In the Under 13 boys division grand final matches, Igam Primary School 1/45 convincingly defeated an unwavering Lae Adventist Primary School for 7 /41 while in the girls competition Lae Adventist Primary School 1/40 cruise over Igam Primary School 3 for 29 runs.
Under 15 division matches saw Lae Adventist Primary maintaining their stronghold in the competition by winning the girls grand final, 3/17 beating first timers to the competition Lanakapi Primary School all out for 16 runs. While in the boys division Lae Adventist 1/69 dominated Igam Primary all out for 40 runs.
Morobe Regional Cricket Manager Rodney Maha, was pleased with the participation especially from the huge turn up of young girls and stated that it was encouraging as well for a new primary school (Lanakapi Primary School) to have a team participate in the competition for this year.
“ It was a very good performance by Lae Adventist Primary for winning the competition two years in a row and having seeing them field teams in all divisions and losing one division grand final was very overwhelming. ” Maha said.
“I would also commend Lanakapi Primary Schools for taking part for the first time on the competition fielding teams in all divisions of the competition and making it to the grand final in U15 division was a bonus. Their participation shows that more schools are showing interest in the sport and the competition with an increased number of children expected to turn up come next school blast in term 2,” Maha said.
Throughout this week other provinces in the country have rolled out the BSP School Kriket Blast in respective schools and venues that have been arranged for.
Morobe BSP School Kriket Blast Term 1 grand final result:
Under 13 Boys: Igam Primary School 1/45 defeated Lae Adventist Primary all out for 41 runs
Under 13 Girls: Lae Adventist Primary School 1/40 defeated Igam Primary School all out for 29 runs
Under 15 Boys: Lae Adventist Primary School 1/69 defeated Igam Primary School all out for 40 runs
Under 15 Girls: Lae Adventist Primary School 3/17 defeated Lanakapi Primary School all out for 16 runs.

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