No Buai Ban in Central Province – KEEP OUT OF CENTRAL PROVINCE

The Central Provincial Government today made a call to the Governor of NCD and his City Management to stop their buai rangers and NCD police not set up road blocks in Central Province.
The call was made today during the Central Provincial Assembly meeting at Konedobu by Provincial Assembly members during Grievances Debate.
President for Mekeo-Kuni LLG and Provincial Minister for Education, Bona Ine’e said the Mekeo people have been harassed continuously by police at Agevairu and Toutu in Kairuku district, where betel nut ban is not imposed in the district.
Mr Ine’e said only last week a woman was robbed of her money at Agevairu by police when she went to sell her buai at Agevairu for her child’s project fees at Mainohana Secondary School.
“This is very bad, the police are also harassing PMV drivers and their passengers along the Hiritano highway, the only check point for buai is at Laloki and not in Central Province,” Ine’e said.
He said Mekeo/Kuni people are badly affected by this Buai Ban and NCD/Central police are robbing our people their money, betel nut bags and come and sell it in NCD.
President for Hiri LLG, Haoda Rogea made the same call during the Provincial Assembly meeting, saying that Buai Ban is for NCD and not for Central province.
He said Buai ban rangers are putting up road blocks on public roads in Central Province, stopping PMV’s and checking them and even private vehicles which is uncalled for.
Mr Rogea asked why is NCDC is putting up road blocks in Central Province, and looking for betel nut in Central Province when they are supposed to be checking at proper check points within the city limits.
“While these buai rangers come into check buai in Central Province, betel nut is sold in public places in NCD.
The Members of the Central Provincial Assembly are now calling on the NCD Governor, Powes Parkop and his NCDC Management to keep out Central Province.
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