People's Party Leader: Ipataus
People's Congress Party Leader: O'neill
The Registrar of Political Parties and Candidates says it does not recognize the joining of the People's Party with the People's National Congress Party, until all rules of the Organic Law are followed.

Doctor Alphonse Gelu said in a statement, that his office does not recognize the two parties joining up as one, because his office was not informed of the amalgamation.

The political analyst says, Peter O'Neils ruling People's National Congress Party and Peter Ipatas' People's Party remain two separate party, until his office is informed and relevant documents are in place that the two parties have complied with the law.

Doctor Gelu says while his office supports the move of parties with similar ideas joining up, he asks that the law must be followed for any amalgamation to be recognized.

The Organic Law on Political Parties and Candidates says parties are allowed to be joined if an absolute majority of party members support the move, or at least 75-percent of a party's members - who are Members of Parliament agree.

The law also says that public officers of each parties proposing to amalgamate must first supply the registrar with intention of the parties to join, records and decision to transfer any liabilites, and final information that the parties have joined.

The registrar will only register the new party after these steps are completed. Doctor Gelu says his office was never informed of these issues either from the People's National Congress Party or People's Party up until their amalgamation was announced last fortnight. 

According to Doctor Gelu PNC and People's Party are still two different parties, and have never been joined.
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