Digicel PNG ripping off from vulnerable, poor people

By Charlie Gilichibi

The Digicel SMS games are ripping off from the vulnerable, poor people. I read the post below by a Ruan Gamba who spent K38,000 for one of the games but came second and only got a lousy K5,000. Even kids will be tempted to play this game because Digicel doesn't differentiate if the phones are owned by children to block them. There should be a public outcry over this. Even somehow ICCC as the mandated authority to control selling of goods and services ensuring they are not to the detriment of society is silent about it. Can we have some newspapers investigate this and report so we get the attention of ICCC and our leaders, please?

Ruan Gamba said (on the Digicel page) ... 

"The winner for Nov 2012 gold dig is very luck, cos I was asleep at the last hour at 1500hrs though to wake up @ 6pm but wait up @ 10pm. At that time I was ranked 1 and spent almost K38000 and score was very low. Some hours when I was asleep digicel change and increase the score which the 2nd person take advantage and gave a distances probably K2000. If I have wake up at 6pm I truth my phone (Stallone), its really knows how to run. There is nothing wrong with this game, the secret is, 1) to play this game be in the 3G network, 2) a good phone; 3) you have to have money say more than half of the promotion amount but is risky too. 

One thing that really upset me is digicel are more concerned about the 1st winner and they are not valuing the 2nd, 3rd 4 & 5th winners. If I can spend close to K40000 as a 2nd winner, then most people are really blowing their budget. If digicel really putting this game is promotional game for png then why are digicel paying lousy K5000 for the 2nd, K3000 3rd and K1000 each for 4th & 5th rank...Its really a loss but it's really a good battle for the ITI student n congretz...Based on my rough calculation digicel is making millions and its only paying back K100000...huge marginal profit per month in million for one single SMS game only.

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