Papua New Guinea's Swimming hereo: Ryan Pini

PINI, Ryan
Country: Papua New Guinea

Birth Date: December 10th 1981 (30)

Gender: Male

Height: 196cm
Sport: Swimming

Event: Men’s 100m butterfly

Athlete Background Story:

Ryan Pini is one of Papua New Guinea’s most successful athletes, proving that dedication and passion in any sport allows you to achieve amazing results.

Born in 1981 and towering at over 196cm tall, Pini has had many great results to show for his hard work over the years. He has won many medals at the South Pacific Games between 1999 and 2011, as well as winning a gold medal at the Commonwealth Games in 2006, the second ever won by PNG. He also became PNG’s first ever finalist in an Olympic Games in 2008.

 Pini was selected to represent PNG in the 2012 Olympics in London. “ It’s a very proud moment,” he said, “ We do our best to represent our country in and out of the pool.”

 “I know that everyone is just proud that we have athletes over here and flying the PNG flag,” he said.

 Supporters from all over the Pacific have been doing their best to show their support to Pini, with over 3 and a half thousand likes on the PNG Olympic team Face book page and many followers on Twitter.

 “The Facebook fan pages and things like that where the people can get in contact with us are really nice to know that we have the support there…It’s really nice to know that we have the support there.”

 In the lead up to the Olympics Pini suffered a shoulder injury that delayed his training for London. After a shoulder operation, he began his year and a half journey to the games. “The last to or three months have been really tough,” he said. “Some of the toughest training I have ever had.”

Preparation included high altitude training in China twice in the last few months. He is hoping this pays dividends in his performances. He says it has been a great experience and he has put “everything in”.

In his time out of the pool, Pini visits local schools and work places, working as an inspirational role model to the young and old, using these avenues to promote motivation and success.

Pini is sponsored by BSP Bank.


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