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Stanley the Head Hunder: PNG's Sport Hereo

Country: Papua New Guinea

Birth Date: December 1st 1977 (40)

Gender: Male

Height: 167cm

Sport: Kickboxing

Event: World Light Weight Champion

Athletes Background Story: 

He was known as the Headhunter in his brutal past profession and is one of those rare Papua New Guineans who have reached the pinnacle of their sport on an international level from the humble beginnings of the village.

Stanley Nandex at age 13 took up martial arts when many of his friends were turning to crime. After studying several fighting styles he appropriated his skills in kickboxing, found his niche and became known as “The Headhunter”. In a professional career spanning 48 fights, there were 41 victories - 30 of them by knockout. Out of the 48, seven of them were world titles fights which made him a world champion.  Stanley also won four times ‘Knockout of the year’ Awards.

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