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Former PNG PM O’Neill Links Police Service to Economic Growth at Housing Ceremony

 Former Prime Minister and Ialibu Pangia MP Hon. Peter O’Neill, accompanied by Southern Highlands Governor Hon. William Powi and Alternative Prime Minister Hon. Rainbo Paita, underscored the vital role of an effective police service in fostering a successful society during the inauguration of 50 new police houses in the Ialibu Pangia district.

Former PNG  PM O’Neill Links Police Service to Economic Growth at Housing Ceremony

O’Neill emphasized that a reliable police force is fundamental to community trust and safety. “A reliable police service instills confidence within communities, fostering a sense of safety and security,” he stated. He noted that both domestic and foreign investments are closely linked to the effectiveness of the police.

“Investment, both domestic and foreign, closely tracks an effective police service,” O’Neill remarked. He pointed out that recent declines in trust toward the government and police have negatively impacted investment, leading to widespread economic challenges.

Expressing pride in the new housing development, O’Neill said, “Today, I am very proud to see the opening of these 50 police houses for the police and their families in my community of Ialibu Pangia.” He emphasized that communities that respect and support their police forces by providing suitable accommodations are crucial for the Southern Highlands and the entire country.

O’Neill reflected on his family’s history, sharing that his late father had established essential infrastructure in the community, including the first school, health clinic, administration, and police station. This legacy, he suggested, influenced his commitment to improving local infrastructure and services.

O’Neill attributed his success to growing up in a disciplined and safe environment due to effective local policing. “I am a product of a safe community that values the role of grassroots police,” he said, advocating for a return to professional and community-oriented policing standards.

Calling for a proactive police force, O’Neill stressed the importance of addressing domestic violence, road safety, and substance abuse as part of maintaining law and order. “Policing must return to the days where officers interacted professionally and amicably with everyone in the community, addressing small issues before they escalate,” he stated.

 O’Neill urged the new residents of the police houses to carry out their duties with purpose and integrity. “Everyone deserves a safer PNG, and I am asking the policemen and women who will occupy these new houses to go about your work with dedication,” he said, emphasizing the significant role police play in creating a safe and prosperous community.

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