Returning Officer issue for Hagen Open before Supreme Court

The Supreme Court this morning stayed interim orders issued by the National Court regarding the Hagen Open Seat. 

The order in essence prevented the electoral commissioner from interfering with Amos Noifa from carrying out his duty as the Returning Officer for the Hagen Open Seat.

Article by Eric Tamaan: NBC News

The Electoral Commission re-filed the urgent application yesterday before Justice Derek Hartshorn who made the decision this morning. 

All nominations made before Amos Noifa will be given to Willie Ropa, who will now administer the Hagen Open Seat based on advice from the Electoral Commission. 

The stay order took effect as of 9 o'clock this morning. 

Among the orders, the Electoral Commissioner will permit all nominations to be a candidate for the Hagen Open Electorate in Western Highlands Province made before Mr. Amos Noifa to be accepted if returned to Mr. Willie Ropa by 4 o'clock today. 

Also all nominations to be a candidate for the Hagen Open Electorate that were made when Mr. Amos Noifa was the purported Returning Officer are deemed to be valid and are accepted. 

Mr. Duma commenced proceeding in the National Court over the confusion in the appointment of two Returning Officers for the electorate - Mr. Willie Ropa and Mr. Amos Noifa, based on two different Gazettal Notices. 

The Electoral Commissioner claims that Mr. Ropa is the duly-appointed Returning Officer.

The issue on who is the legally appointed Returning Officer for the Hagen Open Electorate is still before the Court.

Source: NBC News/One PNG News

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