Vaccination requirements for PNG international passengers

The international flights to and from Papua New Guinea will now be strictly requiring evidence of vaccination for all passengers to travel.

Flights Departing PNG 

All passengers departing internationally from PNG are reminded that they must show evidence at check-in that they are fully vaccinated. For passengers who have been vaccinated in PNG, they must produce the yellow International Vaccination Certificate (which is issued by PNG National Department of Health).  The green domestic vaccination certificate is not sufficient.  For passengers who were vaccinated overseas this will be the vaccination certificate issued in the country they were vaccinated in. 

The only exceptions are where;

-  the passenger can provide evidence of a medical exemption in a form acceptable to their destination  country,  and for any countries of transit. This will normally be signed by a medical practitioner;     or

- children under the age of 18 (which is presently the minimum age for vaccinations in PNG) and the child is  approved to travel to their destination (and for any countries of transit) unvaccinated . 

Passengers travelling to,  or transiting Hong Kong , the passenger  must provide evidence of which location they were vaccinated at. For passengers who have been vaccinated in PNG, this is both the yellow International Vaccination Certificate and the and green domestic vaccination certificates (The yellow certificates include date of birth or passport number, but the green certificate has the name of the location where the vaccination was completed) 

All passengers departing internationally will still need to complete a negative PCR test at Port Moresby airport at time of check-in.  Access to testing closes two hours prior to scheduled departure.   Wearing of face masks in the terminals and on board the aircraft is mandatory, hand sanitisers are provided for your protection, and social distancing is followed wherever practical in order to ensure your international travel remains as safe as possible. 

Flights Arriving into PNG 

Per Pandemic Order 2, no person is permitted to travel to PNG unless they are fully vaccinated unless they are a PNG citizen/ permanent resident, or be under the age of 18.  If they are unvaccinated (and a PNG citizen/ permanent resident, or under the age of 18) they will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival.

Fully vaccinated arrivals other than from high risk destination countries do not require quarantine on arrival, but will be rapid tested at the airport after landing.   Additionally, all arriving passengers must show evidence of having completed a negative PCR test within 72 hours of the scheduled departure time of the first leg of your flight to Port Moresby.   Passengers arriving from high risk destination countries (presently India and the Philippines) will be required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival. PNG Pandemic Controller approval is also still required prior to travel. 

Source: Air Niugini media /One PNG News

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