It is time to take real action for mitigation and adaptation on climate change - Secretary Pomaleu

Secretary of the Department of Prime Minister & National Executive Council, Mr. Ivan Pomaleu has reiterated Prime Minister Hon. James Marape's call on industrialized nations to take real action to assist Small Island States mitigate and adapt to climate change at the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS) virtual meeting in New York (Wednesday 22nd September 2021) yesterday. 

Mr. Pomaleu told members of the AOSIS that he was pleased to join the important dialogue to exchange views in shaping the future as SIDD, particularly on issues of common concern and our shared interests.

"Let me thank you and your team for the excellent leadership and commendable work for our group, particularly in the midst of the COVID 19, climate changes and the socio- economic challenges we are all faced with," Mr. Pomaleu said.

"I would like to reflect and thank the President of the General Assembly for his Statement of support.

"In 2014 we adopted the Samoa Pathway which takes clear cognizance of the important SDGs at that time and now the key elements of the millennium development goals. This congruence continues to exist but implementation has been lacking. 

"We need to really move along in the implementation of these targets. It is important therefore that where it is that a review is warranted, than it must ensure that it happens to ensure that we take account of any limiting factors affecting actions, and to deal with those issues.

"I make a couple of important points in respect to the important themes for this afternoon’s dialogue. My Prime Minister will be advocating on Friday in New York the need to continue to recognize that small island states are not the cause for the climate change and its devastating effects. 

"But we face devastating effects of these challenges.We continue to recognize that on the one hand while we will commit to any targets, we need to take a balanced approach to ensure that our own development targets are not sacrificed.

"In that regard we want to be heard and we should be heard. 

"PNG will be calling for the implementation of an enhanced level of NDCs and a clear implementation plan. 

"We need to see important commitments in energy reliance. We need to see more commitments in the reduction of forest degradation. We need to see more action on the preservation of biodiversity. We need to move into actions rather than continue to talk.

"As member of the small island developing states the more the delay, our people are loosing their livelihoods or their lives. 

"PNG will join other small island states to make the call in Glasgow that time is of essence. We expect actions from those who must take leadership and action commensurate to their level of emissions.

"We will join others in looking for a clear pathway in accessing climate financing. It is important that clear guidelines, and clear and consistent application of the guidelines is established and adopted to ensure that funds are accessed for mitigation and adaptation. We are looking at a clear indication of the quantum and the direction of financing."

Secretary Pomaleu added that Papua New Guinea supports the AOSIS Leaders Declaration on the basis that it encapsulates all the key action matters that move our collective interests going forward. 

He said it is important that it recognizes prevailing challenges, but articulates important and achievable targets that can be achieved.

Papua New Guinea also support the initiative for an important institutional mechanism be established to manage and take these important initiatives going forward.

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