MFAET warns of Scams on Seasonal Workers Recruitments

The Labour Mobility Programs with Australia and New Zealand are being managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET).

Since November 2020, we have seen an increase in the number of workers travelling to Australia under the Seasonal Mobility re-start programs.

Recently MFAET have received reports that some members of the general public have used the increased interest and participation in labour mobility programs to scam others, by falsely representing themselves as agents and attempting to convince people to make upfront cash payments with false promises of participation in the program.

MFAET have also received reports that these Bogus agents have started falsely using MFAET officer’s names in their scams. The MFAET labour Mobility Unit (LMU) strongly condemns this and calls on anyone approached with such a scam to report it to the Police and the Labour Mobility Unit.

The MFAET strongly advises the general public, and especially anyone interested in Labour Mobility programs that the MFAET or the Labour Mobility Unit DO NOT, and WILL NOT ask for cash or any form of payment. Members of the general public who attempt to bribe any of the LMU officers, to not follow the right process, will have their names blacklisted to not join any of the labour mobility programs.

The only payments made by any program participants are directly to or at the Panel Clinics for medical screening and at the Inland Revenue Department (Ministry of Finance and Treasury) for Police and Birth Certificates. These payments are made on the advice from the LMU once the participants goes through certain stages/processes of recruitment.

There are NO recruiting agents for the Australian Labour Mobility programs at this time however we DO have agents for the New Zealand seasonal labour mobility program.

Anyone claiming to be an Agent for the Australian Labour Mobility program is deceitful and should be reported to the Police and the Labour Mobility Unit.

• There are no application forms

• There are no application fees

a) Any person who is aware of any suspicious behaviour or may have been victim to a Bogus agent should immediately report it to the Police and the Labour Mobility Unit Office on the following contacts:

1. POLICE (RSIPF): 23666

2. LMU: 21250/21251

b) The LMU also welcomes any claims or reports of inappropriate behaviours of staff within our Team or the Ministry. These can be reported to the Director of External Trade or the PLF Engagement Manager.

1. Director of External Trade -21250

2. PLF Engagement Manager -21250

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