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NCD Police Impound PMV Buses for not complying with COVID-19 Protocols

Several PMV buses impounded by police at the Waigani bus stop in Port Moresby on Friday (August 28) were released to the owners today but after they were sternly warned by police to take heed of the COVID 19 protocols.The PMV owners were told to exercise social distancing by carrying five (5) people less than the maximum carrying capacity. 

This means, 25 seater buses can only carry up to 15 passengers plus the driver and crew while 35 seaters are required to carry only 25 passengers plus the driver and crew and everyone on board must wear face masks to protect themselves against the Corona virus. The registration number of the impounded buses were recorded and police have warned that if the same PMVs are caught again, the detention time will be extended until the operators fully comply with the government restrictions.

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