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PNG starts Anti-body testing

Anti-body testing for COVID-19 has already begun for the Port Moresby and East New Britain as revealed by Deputy Controller Dr Paison Dakulala has told PNG media.

The Anti-body testing tells us if someone had COVID-19 previously but their immune system may have fought it off.

“This Anti-body testing will enable us to see if the infection has already gone into our communities,“ said Dr. Dakulala.

He said they are looking at doing up to 2000 tests each for NCD and ENB first, following that they will move to other priority provinces.

“There will be six settings where we will be doing 2000 tests each in our priority provinces which includes our border provinces, EHP and Morobe.”

The first few testes that were done in NCD and ENB came back negative, however the anti-body testing will continue until they reach 2000 each for both provinces.

“So we will be doing all these tests to get us to understand a little bit about anti-body testing and whether we have community transmission or not.”

The anti-body testing in the priority provinces will take up to a month.

Meanwhile, the three COVID-19 cases from Western province and one case from EHP have all come back negative following the 2nd test. All four cases are now awaiting the 3rd test result, which is still pending.

In total, 2400 samples have been tested so far since the 1st case in the country with more samples being collected from provinces from the border.


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