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New political party formed in Kiribati

A new political party has been established in Kiribati known as ‘Boutokaan Kiribati Moa’ party (BKM).

The party’s newly selected executive members include new MP for Abemama, Tessie Eria Lambourne as Chairperson, Makin MP, Pinto Katia as Vice Chairman, new North Tarawa MP, Terieta Mwemwenikeaki as Secretary, South Tarawa MP, Shiu Fung Jong as Treasurer and new MP for Maiana, Vincent Tong, as party Whip.

BKM Chairperson Tessie Eria Lambourne told Radio Kiribati News the new party is made up of former members of Boutokaan te Koaua (BTK) party, Kiribati Moa party and some newcomers.

Lambourne said the party’s new name reflects its major political aspirations which are to put Kiribati interest first and support women in the country.

Meanwhile, the Kiribati High Court says it has received four election petitions.

A statement from the Judicial Office said the cases are now ready for hearing at the High Court by Kiribati Chief Justice Sir John Muria.

The office said it cannot provide further details of cases at this stage.


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