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Enga PPC asks for public cooperation

Enga provincial police commander, Supt Epenes Nili has asked for public cooperation during the 60 day Covid-19 state of emergency (SOE) operation in the province.
He said the joint police, PNGDF and health operation that is currently being carried out in the province was sanctioned by Parliament last week through SOE Controller David Manning.
Supt Nili said SOE requirements were strictly expected to be observed by members of the public including individuals and corporate organisations.
He said as during a provincial COVID-10 tsak force committee briefing today the trend of the Coronavirus pandemic continued to surge uphill causing alarming infection and deaths rates globally, it is the duty of every members of the public to help in preventing the virus from entering the province.
“As there is no improvement in the trend of the pandemic, it is the role of our community members to think critically to prevent the virus from entering our shores. Our security personnel are there to provide guidance, I want to encourage you all to work with them for your own good,” he said.
The following are among SOE orders that member of our public are required to observe with strict adherence (for the next 60 days),
• Complete shutdown of Pawas and Kumbaskam markets in Wabag and Wapenamanda districts respectively.
• Trading hours of trade stores, wholesale and warehouses to be restricted from 8am -3pm daily in Wabag town and elsewhere in the province.
• DYNA trucks to transport a maximum of 10 passengers
• 25 seater buses to load 15 passengers only
• 10 seaters to take a maximum of 6 passengers
• 15 seater buses to carry 5 passengers.
• Unnecessary assembling in public places including towns, along public road sides and elsewhere is not allowed.
• Betel nut trading is not allowed to be seen in public places.
• Trading of liquor, apart from hotels, is restricted.
• Dead bodies from Kagamuga to Enga and internal arrangements are to be made in compliance with SOE carriage requirements that are in place as highlighted above
Supt Nili said the penalties for beach of the above SOE requirements are as follows,

• Corporate defiance or breach, for instance, trading shops that exceed beyond 3pm will be liable for a fine of K500,000.00 (half a million kina)
• PMV breaches including DYNA and private vehicles will attract a fine of K100,000
• Breaches involving betel nut trading and smuggling will be liable for K10,000 fine
• Knowingly inflicting COVID-19 meaning touching a person deliberately by an infected person to another person with the intention to passing on the virus will attract a fine of K100, 000.
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