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Marape-Steven govt to table PNG APEC2018 Report in July

Papua New Guinea Prime Minister James Marape will table the final 2018 APEC PNG report when Parliament sits in April, he told reporters in a press conference before leaving for his State visit to New Zealand.

PNG Prime Minister James Marape
Marape said the report was now before the Auditor-General and due for final checks before it is ready for presentation to Parliament.

“The APEC financial report possibly in the April sitting and Parliament can be privy to the entire report,” he said.

“And we’ve got the Auditor-General to finally have a look into this and I think PriceWaterhouseCoopers or Ernst & Young, one of them have been asked to also work to ensure that the report is totally verified and checked so that we have a report that is free and ready for presentation to Parliament and a report that can be used for total scrutiny.”

In October last year, Marape issued a directive for the three key officers responsible for APEC’s final report, Chris Hawkins as CEO of APEC Authority, Dr Ken Ngangan as the Finance Secretary and Chief Secretary Isaac Lupari as head of the entire government sector, to produce the final report for scrutiny and to table it in Parliament.


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