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Nairobi Nguvu ya Pamoja declaration endorsed by ACP leaders

By Pita Ligaiula in Nairobi, Kenya

The African Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) Head of States and Government Tuesday approved and adopted resolutions of the Nairobi summit dubbed the “Nairobi Nguvu ya Pamoja Declaration”.

The declaration focused on five key pillars where member states have committed to multilateralism, environmental sustainability and climate change, intra-ACP cooperation and economic development.

Outgoing ACP Secretary General, Patrick Gomes told reporters in Nairobi, this has been a landmark summit for the ACP group and alot has been agreed to that the Secretariat look forward to implementing in order to advance the objectives of the ACP Group.

"On intra -ACP Cooperation leaders have called for the establishment of an Intra-ACP and trans regional Cooperation Policy Framework that will guide the Group’s efforts towards strengthening ties and solidarity among the Member States and regional organisations.

"On addressing climate change, leaders have proposed a "Nairobi Pledge to Urgent Climate Action” that will focus on our own ‘sovereign agency’ that acts collectively to address climate change and consequences.

"On the Blue economy leaders have agreed to an intra-ACP blue strategy under the leadership of Seychelles to be concluded within a year. The Secretariat remains prepared to support this process.

"The first ever Women and Youth Forum and ACP Business Summit led to leaders calling for the establishment of an ACP Women and Youth Forum that will act as a platform to support ACP States in their efforts to engage women and youth.

In the same vein at the Business Summit Leaders called for the need to establish the Business Summit as a continued framework for ACP Heads of State and Government to engage with the Business sector," Dr Gomes told reporters.

Kenya President and ACP Chair Uhuru Kenyatta said the 9th ACP summit attracted 19 Heads of State and Government and representatives from 70 of the 79 member states across the Six ACP regions.

“As my brother the President of Ghana challenged us, we should not be proud of our numerical strength but rather of the quality and scholarship of our thought and our commitment to take action.

“As part of the resolutions of the summit, the leaders unanimously agreed on the need to upscale our efforts in enhancing global governance, intra-ACP cooperation and South-South and triangular cooperation; promoting global peace and security, while deepening trade and investment across the three regions," President Kenyatta explained.

President Kenyatta said he will prioritise the integration of ACP states into the global economy and push for the conclusion of the new partnership agreement with the EU.

"I have no doubt that the proposals contained in the declaration align well with the ambitions found in the draft negotiation pact that the ACP Group is negotiating with our principal partner, the European Union.

“Going forward, Kenya as the chair of the summit reaffirms her deep commitment to the objectives and principles of the ACP group of states.

"This has been a truly successful Summit. We have made some important decisions, which, I would encourage all of us to ensure that they are fully implemented, as they do indeed have the potential to radically transform the ACP Group.

"Under this declaration, we will strive to know each other, appreciate each other’s strengths and work together to support our individual as well as our collective aspirations," he said.

Kenyatta said the Summit also agreed to establish an Endowment Trust Fund (ETF) that would ensure the sustainability of the ACP group.

"I thank Papua New Guinea and Ghana for their pledge of support to this endowment fund and I am also pleased to announce that Kenya, as the Chair of the Group, has also pledged US$500,000 towards this fund," said the ACP chair.

Kenyatta said the Summit has endorsed the appointment of a new ACP Secretary General, Ambassador Georges Rebelo Pinto Chikoti, from Angola and agreed to restructure the ACP Secretariat, to make it more agile and fit for purpose.

"In this regard, and on behalf of the Summit, I wish to convey our congratulations to the Secretary General Designate, and assure him of the Summit’s desire and commitment, to work with him to advance the
objectives of our organisation.

"We, the ACP Leaders, are confident that given his expansive experience as a senior diplomat, the Secretary General designate is the ideal choice and better positioned to effectively serve our ACP fraternity, “the President said.

The two day Summit ends on Tuesday with Angola to host the 10th ACP Head of States and Government in 2022.


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