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Yamasombi condemns attack on Lae Police Chief

DEPUTY Commissioner of Police and Chief of Operations Donald Yamasombi has condemned the attack on Lae Metropolitan Superintendent Chief Inspector Chris Kunyanban.
Chief Inspector Kunyanban was hit in the face with a rock when he tried to stop a fight between two groups of settlers at the Boiyamo Gravel Pit at the Bumbu River in Lae, Morobe Province last Saturday.
Mr Yamasombi said the Lae Metropolitan Superintendent was hospitalised and received a number of stitches to his lips and face.
“I condemn this attack on Mr Kunyanban. It is uncalled for. Mr Kunyanban was only there to stop the fight when he was attacked. If the people continue to disrespect the police then we will have a big problem,” Mr Yamasombi said.
The fight between the settlers happened on Friday night and carried on into Saturday morning when police units together with Mr Kunyanban moved into the area to stop futher violence and bloodshed.
Deputy Commissioner Yamasombi has called upon leaders of the two warring groups to come out and take responsibility as well. He said when police attempted to stop the fight they should be the first ones working with police in this regard.
Mr Yamasombi also called upon the landowners of land within the Lae town boundary to also carefully screen buyers before selling their land.


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