Marape govt cut pays, families will be affected : Lelang

The Papua New Guinea Opposition is criticizing the Marape-Steven government for introducing 5-10 percent cuts to the wages of public servants, teachers, Police and  nurses  just to save "50 million kina".

The Shadow Treasurer and Finance Minister Joseph Lelang say the opposition does not see a connection between the pay cut, increased productivity and dedication from the public service.

He says the pay cut will only reduce people's buying power and families will be hit hard.

“This is very insensitive for a government to cut wages at a point in time where families will need to go on holidays and have a break why punish the families and children? it is very clear this government does not care for the welfare for Papua New Guniea .” Lelang added.

Lelang says instead of penalizing public servants the government should sell the APEC vehicles to come up with the 50 million kina they want to raise.

He also added that other consequences will see a drop in personal income and GST tax collection.

Mr Lelang says the public Service Order issued for the pay cut is simply a disincentive exercise to have the consequence of reducing productivity within the public service and further breed corruption.

He is calling on the Minister for Public Service to give time to the special parliamentary Committee on Public Service headed by Oro Governor Gary Juffa to complete their work so that a report is tabled in parliament.

“The Juffa Report should provide the basis for carrying out a comprehensive set of reform into the Public Service. For now the minister should look in work place reform by beginning with a complete census of the public service to establish who is on the job and who is not,”

Lelang says only then can the government weed out the ghost workers and illegal workers out of the system.

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