Death toll rise to 33, as measles cases in Samoa nearly at 3000

Samoa measles cases have risen to 2,868 with a massive 249 recorded since Tuesday.

There has been another death since the last official update, bringing the total to 33: 16 between one and four years, seven between six and 11 months and six under six months old. 

The last week has seen the first cases of teenagers die from the disease with three recorded. There remains one adult, a 37 year old lost.

Hospitals are currently treating 193 patients with measles, 159 of which are in Tupua Tamasese Meaole Hospital. 

Of the 798 hospitalised people throughout this epidemic, the Government reports 572 patients have been discharged. The lasting impact of measles on these patients is not yet known.

Since the mass vaccination campaign began on November 20, at least 33,085 people have been vaccinated, adding to 32,743 vaccinated before the State of Emergency was declared. 

That is approximately 30 per cent of the population (based on estimates of 200,000 people).

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