PNG Local artists benefit big from works

Several local artists in Port Moresby have been given the opportunity to fully benefit from their work through the recently established ‘Fine Art Gallery’ in Port Moresby.

The Gallery set up in October 2018, with nine engaged resident artists, employs an arrangement whereby the artists get 70 percent of their sales while the remaining 30 percent goes to the organization.

Michael Kauage, a local artist who formerly sold his arts on the streets across the Lamana Hotel in Port Moresby told NBC News, this is a great concept where they can really benefit from their work.

Mr. Kauage who is a self-taught artist with no formal education says prior to joining the gallery, he’d sell a couple of paintings and receive just between K150-K300.

He said with this engagement, he’s been able to sell eight of his paintings making over K10-000.

Mr. Kauage is however calling on the National Government to invest more in local arts and crafts, and supporting the industry.

He said, they make a lot of money through expatriates or foreigners buying their work and they contribute to keeping money within the country and its only right the Government do this.

He said, PNG has a lot of talented artists, most of whom have not gone through any formal education but whose work is sought after by expatriates.

Meantime, Fine Art Gallery Director Elisa Cragnolini says, the basic idea behind the concept is to provide local artists a ‘space’ where they can really display their work and sell it without having to compromise their price.

Ms. Cragnolini said they are looking to expand and involve more artists while also including carvers, sculptures and fashion designers as well.

Since the opening of the Gallery last October, they have held three exhibitions already and sold several paintings on behalf of the artists.

NBC News/one png

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