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Marape Govt yet to appoint Police Commissioner

The National Executive Council is yet to deliberate on a shortlist of three candidates and appoint one as the new Police Commissioner.

Prime Minister James Marape said this in a statement when dispelling rumors on Facebook last week, of a police commissioner already being appointed.Mr. Marape said the process of submitting names of the three top applicants is on foot, and neither he nor the Police Minister has any greater role in managing the process, so he cannot preempt its outcome.

He said the country must know that the selection process takes time, which includes vetting and exchanges between the Department of Personnel Management and the Public Services Commission, and this should be respected.

Prime Minister Marape also said the appointment of a new commissioner is important because it will help the government reform the police force.

The Prime Minister has also urging people not to believe everything they see or read on social media Facebook.


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