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To support the Government’s initiative to ban plastic shopping bags in the country, RH Hypermarket at Vision City today trialed the initiative by packing purchased items in paper bags and boxes.

The entrance to the shop had displays of eco-cloth and paper bags and empty cardboard cartons.

RH Trading Ltd. Assistant General Manager Phil Ager said plastic bags will no longer be required to pack groceries.

Mr. Ager said given there are millions of plastic bags used per year in the country, working together and with RH Hypermarkets will reduce the need for plastic bags.

The Hypermarkets will be offering the following:

• Eco cloth bags reduced to a low price of K2.50
• Buy one Eco cloth bag and get one free
• Spend K200 in 1 single transaction and receive a free eco cloth bag.

Mr. Ager said customers are welcome to bring their bilums and bags to pack groceries.

By taking up this initiative, RH joins other business houses to remove plastic bags in support of the Government’s policy which comes into effect in November.

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