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PacTow Credentials Showcased on World Maritime Day

Thursday 26 September is World Maritime Day – a day created by the United Nations to celebrate the international maritime industry’s contribution to the world’s economy.  The theme for this year is ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’.  Very few maritime organisations have done more for women’s empowerment and gender equality than PNG’s very own Pacific Towing.
Pacific Towing (PacTow), a successful 42 year old PNG company and subsidiary of the Steamships Group, is growing and diversifying.  General Manager, Neil Papenfus, views its female employees as important contributors to its ongoing success not just in PNG but the broader Oceania and South East Asia regions. 

PacTow has implemented a range of initiatives to position it as an ‘Employer of Choice’ for women and to help better recruit, train, empower and promote women.
PacTow’s Women’s Empowerment & Gender Equality ‘Credentials’
Women in Maritime Scholarship:  Introduced in 2014 in partnership with the Australian Government’s ‘Australia Awards’ and the China Navigation Company, this program is helping PacTow grow its female workforce.  The program is fast tracking the careers of 20 female deck and engine cadets.  2020 will see even more young women benefit from this program.
Gender Smart Safety:  This program, developed by the PNG Business Coalition for Women, will be implemented at PacTow worksites in 2020.  It is based on the fact that women experience some different workplace safety concerns to men.  Gender Smart Safety specifically aims to improve the workplace safety of women by centrally involving them in workplace safety decision making and management.
Female Managers:  PacTow has several female managers, including Finance Manager and company 2IC, Trudie N’Dresanei, as well as HR Manager Anna Ingip.
Leadership Training:  PacTow makes a considerable training investment in all staff.  Last year PacTow staff received an average of nearly 400 hours of training each.  Included in this training is the Business Coalition for Women’s Cert IV in Leadership & Management.  Several PacTow staff have received this training which specifically prepares talented and high potential women for senior positions.
Business Coalition for Women:  The ‘Coalition’ produces resources to help the PNG business community improve their gender equality credentials and take advantage of the business benefits of having more gender diverse workforces.  PacTow is a foundation member and long term supporter of the Coalition.  Papenfus sits on its board and publicly endorses its products.  Importantly, PacTow implements its programs (e.g., Cert IV in Leadership & Management, Gender Smart Safety) to the benefit of its female staff and also sponsors Coalition events. 
PacTow agrees that this year’s World Maritime Day theme of ‘Empowering Women in the Maritime Community’ serves as an opportunity to highlight the important contribution of women within the maritime sector which has long been a male-dominated industry. HR Manager, Anna Ingip, reports that “in increasing numbers our female staff are maintaining and repairing engines, steering and berthing vessels, providing valuable input on complex projects, and making management decisions, all of which contribute to PacTow’s success and its increasing contribution to PNG’s economy.” 
Pacific Towing is headquartered in Papua New Guinea and has other businesses in Solomon Islands and Fiji.  Towage, mooring, salvage, commercial diving, and liferafts are Pacific Towing’s ‘core’ services.  However, the company is increasingly sought out to provide customised solutions in diverse project settings.
To learn more about Pacific Towing:  www.pacifictowingmarineservices.com.

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