Papua New Guineans have been urged to observe the National Repentance day tomorrow - Monday 26th August through prayer and repentance.

Deputy Chairman of the Social, Law and Order Ministerial Committee and Health Minister Elias Kapavore says the day should not be seen as just another public holiday.

Mr. Kapavore also called on business houses especially liquor outlets to observe the day by at least closing shop for half a day.

“Today at this time, we want to make it clear to the people of Papua New Guinea to realize the importance of this day.

It’s not any other day where you can do whatever you want.

“It’s a time for us to gather together in prayer,” Mr. Kapavore said.

In a first of its kind, the Church in the country started with a week-long commemoration of prayer which started on Monday 19th August to culminate in the day tomorrow.

For Port Moresby, Deputy Chairman of the Body of Christ, Pastor Michael Wilson says there will be five areas of congregation.

“On the 26th August the morning in Port Moresby which will happen around the country as they make their own programs – we have divided this city so that there will be five areas of congregating.

“People from Moresby North-East and North-West will be congregating respectively in Unagi Oval and also at Kone Tigers oval.

And we will have the Moresby-South to congregate at Jack Pidik Park and then we will move them.

“By 4 am they should be congregating, 5-am they should be coming in, 6 o’ clock we would like to walk them into the Sir. John Guise Stadium for the Prayer day,” Pastor Wilson said.

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