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PNG Volcanlogical Observatory declares Stage 3 alert of Mt Ulawun Eruption

Papua New Guiniea's Rabaul Volcanlogical Observatory has declared a stage 3 status of alert following increased seismic activities and another eruption of Mt. Ulawun in West New Britain Province yesterday morning.

Deputy Controller Mt. Ulawun Emergency Response, Leo Mapmani said officers at the Ulamona Observatory have informed them that following the eruption yesterday, there is evidence of mild eruption taking place with distinct rumbling noises and low to moderate emissions that is evident with light ashfalls experienced at Ulamona and Nawo areas.

Mapmani said following these fold of events, plantation workers in the Nawo area were evacuated by Hargy Oil Palm Ltd to safer areas and will return until such time when seismic activities subside.

The Provincial Administration has mobilized their personnel in Kimbe, Bialla at their forward operational base, including those officers at the Ulamona Observatory who continue to monitor the current activity on the ground.

The deputy controller of Mt. Ulawun Emergency Response said fortunately, all communities that live in the danger zones or within 10km radius of the volcano especially towards the North West are still living in the respective care centres since the June 26th eruption.

He added that the response team will continue to monitor the situation on the ground and at the same time, continue to provide relief assistance to those communities still living in the care centres of Bakada and Kabaya until RVO advises them otherwise.

Restrictions to ensure safety of the travelling public have who intends to use the New Britain Highway at this stage to be very cautious.

However persons who still wish to travel using the New Britain Highway are strongly urged to call in to the forward base in Bialla to seek advise before proceeding.

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