PNG Governor calls on Indonesia to free West Papua

As PNG looks forward to celebrate yet another independence, its 44th this year, Papua New Guinea's Port Moresby Governor  Powes Parkop, also reminded Port Moresby residents to be very mindful of West Papua's fight for its first!

Governor Parkop officially announced Saturday September 7th, 2019 as a day of reckoning!

"The whole city must come to a stand still and we must remember our brothers and sisters next door who are dying simply for their freedom," said Mr Parkop.

"I challenge the Indonesian president Joko Widodo to free West Papua," he added.

The call from Mr Parkop at Port Moresby's Jack Pidik Park today (Saturday 24th August, 2019) comes amid recent racial comments against Papuan students in Surabaya, East Java and further arrests by security forces on protesters mainly students in Manokwari, West Papua for simply refusing to celebrate Indonesia's 74th Independence last weekend.

Security personnel and members of mass organizations reportedly launched physical and verbal racists comments such as 'Kick out the Papuans', Slaughter the Papuans' and 'Monkeys get Out' to a group of Papuan students barricaded in a dormitory in Surabaya, fearing more attacks.

These comments sparked protests from the West Papuan community in Manokwari.

Parkop condemned the racists comments outright and rallied supporters alike of the Free Papua Movement (OPM) in Port Moresby including Oro Governor Hon Garry Juffa among others, to all rise up and call upon the Indonesian Government to free West Papua once and for all.

"In two weeks time and on the eve of celebrating our 44th independence, we must stop everything and all come out in full force on September 7, and together as a nation voice our call upon the Indonesian government to free the people of West Papua!", exclaimed an emotional Parkop.
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