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Solomon Islands Parliament dissolves

Solomon Islands tenth Parliament has dissolved as of 12am midnight early this morning following its final sitting last night.

This means most of the Members of Parliament (MP) are now ordinary members of the public while those in the Government are in the caretaker position for next few months till the next government comes into power next year.

More than 30 MPs spoke as part of their contribution to the Sine Die Motion which was tabled last week by Prime Minister Rick Hou.

Some of the issues raised during the debate was on the country’s unity, political stability, decentralisation of development, extension of constituency boundaries, how to govern the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF), support for Taiwan, women’s issue and many issues.

The motion took three days to debate which finally concluded at around 10pm last night.

Speaking to wind down the motion Hou thanked all his hardworking Ministers, MPs from both sides of the house, Opposition Leader, Independent Group, Governor General, Speaker and Chief Justice.

He further acknowledged development partners for their support over the past four years, Permanent Secretaries, Commissioner of Police for playing their role, Premiers, Provincial Members, Churches, his staff at the Prime Minister’s Office, youths, women and children.

He further thanked the MPs for their contributions to all the debates.

He said the ten Parliament has been very productive with the passing of 42 Bills by Parliament.

Speaker of Parliament Ajilon Nasiu in his final remarks thanked all the MPs for their attendance and presence in all the sittings.

He thanked them for having the trust and confidence to be in charge of the Parliament.

He said a lot of 189 sitting days were accomplished in the tenth parliament.

Nasiu also raised the issue of lack of quorum in parliament which he said affects parliament sitting. He added this issue needs improvement when the next Parliament takes over.

He also thanked his staff for supporting the tenth parliament and for their role to ensure 156 papers were tabled in Parliament.

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