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ABG President Momiis applauds peace efforts on Bougainville

ABG President Chief DR.JOHN MOMIS says that there has been a positive progress in the overall peace effort in the region.

He made these comments during the ABG Parliament session last week.
President MOMIS said that so much has taken place in regard to peace efforts and he thanked the people for their commitments to the process.
He said a lot of peace and reconciliations and weapons disposal events were taking place in every part of the region from South, Central and North Bougainville.

President Momis said that this signifies the people’s desire to see lasting peace in Bougainville.
Some of the progress he mentioned regards to high profile reconciliation cases between warring parties and families who lost relatives.
He said that the recent peace developments indicated a positive sign towards conducting a free and fair Referendum.

So far four constituencies have declared themselves as Weapons free and Referendum ready and they are HAGOGOHE and Atolls in North Bougainville,
BABA and BOLAVE in South Bougainville.
28 more constituencies will declare by the end of this year.
The people of MAHARI are having their reconciliation tomorrow.
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